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Private Lessons

Private lessons are especially important for Adults--mainly  to prevent bad habits and injury.

We at GRT Tennis understand the body mechanics needed to have efficient strokes and prevent injury.

After the technique is mechanically safe, drills are then incorporated to develop and enhance  the 5 pillars of strategy:

  • Consistancy

  • Direction

  • Depth

  • Spin

  • Power

Single Lesson    -    $120/Hour

6 Pack                 -    $690

10 Pack               -    $999

Group of 3 or More 

Single Lesson    -    $40/Student/Hour

Private and Semi-Private


Group Clinics

The Group Clinics are a fun and great way to put your skills into use and play against other like-minded adults in a competitive setting.

In a typical class we work on a specific shot or theme to improve, and practice with situational drills and games so that you can apply the skill to a real situation.


Thursdays 6pm-8pm @ Wallenberg Park


6 Pack of clinics*   -      $300

or $50/class

Adult Group Class*


6x6 Pack

(6 pack of Privates + 6 pack of Clinics)



Beginners 6x6 Pack

(6 pack  of Privates + 6 pack Clinics)

**Can only be used once


*All Players are expected to attend each clinic  unless a 24 hour  notice of absence is given. If proper notice is given, that day will not be charged. If notice is not given, the class will be charged. 


We at GRT Tennis believe in sharing our passion for the beautiful game of tennis with players of all ages. Whether your a beginner who has never played, a competitive player, or just someone that has been playing for some time and wants to improve their game--we have a program for you!

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