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Private Lessons

Private Lessons provide personal attention which ensures quick improvement and advancement. Private Lessons are essential for beginners to learn the fundamentals, as well as tournament players to enhance their game.


We recommend that beginners start off with a minimum of 6 private lessons to build a strong foundation, and to avoid bad habits. In this one-on-one environment, players can be closely supervised to achieve this. Later, group lessons can be supplemented for more practice. This initial 6 lessons will prepare students for the games and drills that are played in the group classes. 

What to Expect in a Beginner's 
Private Lesson
  • Proper grips

  • Proper stances

  • Stroke development and technique

  • Rallies

  • Top Spin

  • Court positioning & awareness 

  • Footwork development

  • Coordination drills

Competitive Players

All players competing in USTA tournaments or players trying out for their high school and middle school teams should take a minimum of one private lesson per week. A private lesson at this level enables coaches to focus on one or two aspects of a player's game at a time. This allows players to develop a specific area with sufficient repetitions to be used in the next match or practice. 

What to Expect in a Competitive
Private Lesson
  • Adjustments to technique 

  • Advanced footwork drills

  • Direction control

  • Depth control

  • Spin & Power control

  • Strategy drills

  • Specialty shots

  • Mental Toughness!!!

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