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Mental Toughness

      GRT and its coaches strongly believe that just as strokes, strategy and fitness are very important aspects of tennis, mental toughness is the most important. Many academies neglect to teach this, and only focus on the physical side of tennis. Just as we can get stronger physically by going to the gym and lifting weights, we can also get tougher mentally by developing mental muscles such as self-confidence, patience, focus and concentration. 

Drills and Games

We incorporate different drills that force players to develop a mentally strong game. We play many situational, and incentivized games that simulate match situations, . Our lessons and clinics will force students to become:

  • Well Mannered

  • Self Confident

  • Self Disciplined 

  • More Focused 

  • Self Reliant (Self Coaching)


Lectures are given to help students understand how positivity and optimism can overcome adversity, and how powerful the mind really is.

What students get out of Lectures
  • How to become more Positive

  • How to Focus on things they can Control

  • How to let go of Fears

  • How to have a good attitude

  • How to become a good Sport

Match Play

There is no greater tool for improving mental strength than experiencing tough wins and tough losses. Our program includes lots of match play and match situations to put players in a competitive environment. 

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