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Meet the Coaches
Coach Jasmin

          Coach Jasmin is a certified PTR Tennis Professional, and has 4 years of coaching experience. Jasmin started playing tennis at a late age of 13, and instantly fell in love with the game. She was determined to improve as fast as possible, so she practiced around the clock. Waking up early before school to play, and then more practice during lunch, followed by more tennis after school until sunset. She played for her high school team, and also competed in USTA Junior Tournaments. This drive and determination led to scholarship offers from 3 different universities. Ultimately taking the scholarship in Fullerton, California where she played number 1 singles for her team for 2 years.

Coach Justin

            Coach Justin is a certified PTR Tennis Professional, and has 12 years of coaching experience. Justin was always active growing up, playing all different sports, picking up tennis at the age of 16 under Ken DeHart. Justin comes from humble beginnings, unable to afford tennis lessons. Fortunately for him, at the time, his mother worked as a fitness instructor at a tennis club that provided free lessons to employees and their family. Determined to improve as fast as possible, he took full advantage of this, attending each class every day (including the peewee classes). He learned to string racquets and helped teach some beginner classes to pay for his private lessons. Justin started competing in USTA Junior Tournaments after just 1 month of playing. He won his first tournament 2 months later, which ultimately led to his NorCal ranking in boys 18's in the top 100.

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