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Tennis Gear

Not sure what equipment is suitable for you or your child?
Here is a guide to help you choose the best gear for your level

Tennis Racquets

Other Gear


Below is a list of great beginner racquets that will not break the bank! 

Beginners Age <6yo 

Racquet 21" in length


Beginners Age 6-8 

Racquet 23" in length


Beginners Age 8-10 

Racquet 25" in length


Beginners Adult Age 11+ 

Racquet 27" in length (Adult size)

Grip size 4 1/8 - 4 3/8



Beginner Adult
Beginner Child
Intermediate to Advanced

Below is a list of great racquets for the intermediate to advanced player looking for the best quality and performance.

Intermediate - Advanced Age 7-10

Racquet 25" in length **ORANGE to GREEN BALL**

Intermediate - Advanced Age 7-10

Racquet 26" in length **GREEN to YELLOW BALL**

Intermediate - Advanced Adult Age 11+

Racquet 27" in length **GREEN to YELLOW BALL**

Grip size 4 1/8 - 4 3/8

Heavier Racquets Age 15+ (NO Beginners!)

Grip size 4 1/8 - 4 3/8

Intermediate Advanced Adult Racquet
Intermediate Advanced Child
Tennis Racquet Bags

Below is a list of great racquet bags to carry all your tennis gear!

Beginner Bags - 3 Racquets

Intermediate - Advanced Bags - 6+ Racquets

Racqeut Bags
Tennis Shoes

Below is a list of great shoes designed specifically for tennis. Tennis shoes have more support for lateral(side-to-side) movement. Helps with faster movement on the court, and to help prevent rolled and sprained ankles.

Kid's Shoes

Men's Shoes

Women's Shoes

Tennis Shoes
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