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USTA Tournaments

Here is all you need to search and register for your USTA Tournaments.    


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Tournament Levels (Low to High)

Yellow Ball 

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  1.  Challenger

  2.  Open

  3.  UTR Round Robin

  4.  Championship

  5.  Super Series

  6.  Excellence

  7.  Sectionals

  8.  Nationals (Level 3)

  9.  Nationals (Level 2)

  10.  Nationals (Level 1)

Orange and Green Ball Pathway

Orange and Green Ball

  1. 10U Orange Ball

  2.  10U Green Ball

  3.  12U Green Ball​

Information for ORANGE & GREEN

Ball tournaments and how to PROGRESS

Source: USTA Northern California


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Before you play

Before You Play

- Arrive at your match site 30 minutes ahead of the scheduled time. - Once there, ask for the "tournament desk" (often, the tournament operates separately from the host facility; asking for the "tournament desk" will get you where you need to go.)

- Once at the tournament desk, check in for the event. This lets the tournament staff know you have arrived. Depending on the event, you'll receive player information and may get a T-shirt, bag tag, or some other player gift.

- Match check-in, not to be confused with tournament check-in, is done prior to the start of each of your matches. At match check-in, you are letting the tournament staff know you are ready to play. If you need to get water, use the restroom, stretch, or warm-up, do these things prior to your match check-in.

- Check-in for your match 15 to 20 minutes prior to the scheduled match time.

- Make sure to ask about the match format: For instance, if you split sets, do you play a full third set, or a match tiebreak? Do you know how to play a match tie-break? If not, make sure it's clarified now! Match tiebreaks are the first to 10 points by a 2-point margin. But make sure. Note: Before you begin playing a match tiebreak, you are allowed to get an official to assist you, if needed.


- Once you check in for your match, you must remain within earshot of the tournament desk-your match could be called at any moment.

Source: USTA Northern California

On the Court

On the Court

-You are entitled to a 5-minute warm up, which includes your serves.

- The server calls the score prior to serving the point. Call out your score loud enough so your opponent can hear you.

- Change ends after you complete odd games; 1, 3, 5, etc.

- If disputes arise, put down your racquet and go get an official.

- Never ask a spectator to call lines or settle disputes.

- Once the match is over, walk to the net to shake hands with your opponent.

- The winner is responsible for reporting the score and turning in the tournament tennis balls.


- Both players are responsible for knowing when their next match times are.

Source: USTA Northern California

Parent Guidelines

Parent Guidelines

- Make sure players arrive at the match site 30-minutes ahead of the scheduled time (allow for traffic, construction, parking, etc.)

- You are not allowed to make or criticize line calls, provide instruction, keep score or make any disparaging remarks.


- Good sportsmanship and role modeling are first priority for a positive experience.


- Always be supportive of your child win or lose!

Source: USTA Northern California

What to Bring

What to Bring

- A tennis bag with at least one or more tennis racquets.


- A cooler with ice, sports drinks and water.

- A small first aid kit, allowable medications, adhesive bandages.


- A spare pair of shoes, socks, hat or visor, T-shirt.


- Individually wrapped power or granola bars-only food you know won't upset your stomach. Don't eat if you aren't hungry.


- Banana or some other fruits for energy

Source: USTA Northern California

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